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What is Infrared Therapy Bulb?

infrared lamp therapy

Infrared therapy bulbs are infrared lamps with visible light. They emit high-frequency radiation with strong penetrative capabilities, with the peak of infrared wavelengths strictly at 1300nm. This wavelength allows the infrared rays to penetrate the human dermis layer, promoting blood circulation, enhancing muscle absorption of joint tissue inflammation, relieving symptoms of arthritis, and facilitating the healing of soft tissue injuries. When used in conjunction with body shaping and breast enhancement products, they aid in the penetration and absorption of active ingredients.

Therefore, infrared lamps have become essential instruments in beauty salons for breast enhancement, body shaping, anti-inflammatory, and health care projects. They also have good therapeutic effects on conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis.

Application Guide

  1. Therapy and Health Care: Effective in relieving pain for injuries, rheumatic joint pain, etc., similar to a home therapy room, avoiding the hassle of going to the hospital. Each session lasts 10-20 minutes, with the heat adjusted to comfort, and prolonged exposure should be avoided.
  2. Local Heating and Lighting in Winter: Provides local heating during indoor activities such as reading, surfing the internet, watching TV, or even sleeping, similar to a ray of sunlight in winter. Also serves as a heating and lighting source. (It is recommended to use a 150W transparent infrared lamp bulb in this scenario.)
  3. Energy-saving and Environmental Protection, Disease Prevention: Unlike heating with air conditioning, which heats the entire environment, infrared lamps heat the object being illuminated without heating the air. Thus, there’s no heat loss when doors or windows are opened. Most of the energy is used for heating and insulation, making it truly energy-saving and environmentally friendly. In winter, you can open doors and windows to read or watch TV, and avoid the stuffy indoor air and cross-infections caused by air conditioning.


  1. Adjust the irradiation distance to ensure comfort.
  2. Avoid direct eye contact with the infrared lamp bulb.
  3. Keep away from flammable materials, and ensure adequate ventilation for the equipment.
  4. The temperature is high during use, avoid touching the infrared lamp bulb with your hands, and do not wipe the hot bulb to prevent damage to the special IR-A coating on the bulb’s surface.

Therapeutic Effects:

  1. The excellent thermal penetration effect can significantly reduce inflammation and pain, promote blood circulation, and dissolve stasis.
  2. With its high radiation frequency and strong penetrative capability, it improves metabolism, reduces inflammation, sterilizes, and accelerates wound healing.
  3. It has a significant effect on muscle strain, joint pain, lumbar pain, and cervical pain. It improves microcirculation and regulates nerve and endocrine functions.
  4. It improves blood flow rate, promotes blood circulation, and eliminates blood circulation disorders.
  5. Suitable for home, hospitals, health centers, therapy centers, beauty institutions. When used with body shaping and breast enhancement products, it aids in the penetration and absorption of active ingredients.