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In the printing industry, infrared heating lamps have many specific product applications, mainly including the following aspects:

1. Ink Curing: Infrared heating lamps can be used to cure ink during the printing process. Ink usually contains a photosensitizer. After printing is completed, the infrared heating lamp provides an appropriate amount of heat to quickly solidify the photosensitizer in the ink, thereby achieving rapid production and drying of printed matter.

2. Thermal Drying: During the printing process, infrared heating lamps can be used to thermally dry printed matter. By heating, the moisture on the surface of the printed matter can be quickly evaporated, thereby speeding up drying and improving printing efficiency.

3. Hot melt adhesive curing: Infrared heating lamps can be used to cure hot melt adhesive during the printing process. Hot melt adhesive is usually used for bonding or laminating printed matter. The heat provided by the infrared heating lamp can quickly melt and solidify the hot melt adhesive, thereby achieving rapid production.

4. Paper surface treatment: Before or after printing, infrared heating lamps can be used to treat the paper surface, such as drying, enhancing the gloss of the paper surface, or accelerating chemical reactions.

5. Hot stamping and silver hot stamping: During the hot stamping or silver hot stamping process, infrared heating lamps can provide the required heat to quickly adhere the gold or silver foil to the surface of the printed matter, thereby achieving a decorative effect.

In general, infrared heating lamps play a vital role in the printing industry. They can improve the production efficiency and printing quality of printed matter, and can achieve faster drying and curing processes to meet customers’ requirements for fast delivery and high quality of printed matter. quality requirements.