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In the rubber industry, infrared heating lamps have many specific product applications, including but not limited to the following aspects:

1. Rubber hot press molding: In the production process of rubber products, infrared heating lamps are often used for hot press molding. The rubber compound is heated and softened in the mold so that it can be formed into the desired shape more easily. Infrared heating lamps provide fast, even heating, helping to increase production efficiency and ensure product quality.

2. Rubber compound preheating: During the processing of rubber products, infrared heating lamps can be used to preheat rubber compounds. Preheating makes the rubber easier to process and reduces energy consumption and production time during processes such as injection molding, extrusion or calendering.

3. Rubber welding: Infrared heating lamps can be used in the welding process of rubber products. In rubber welding, a heating lamp provides the required heat to bring the rubber joint parts to their melting point, allowing for effective welding.

4. Rubber Coating Curing: During the application of rubber coatings, infrared heating lamps can be used to cure the coating. By providing just the right amount of heat, heat lamps cure coatings quickly, reducing production cycle times and improving the coating’s abrasion resistance and durability.

5. Rubber surface treatment: In the surface treatment of rubber products, infrared heating lamps can be used to dry, dehumidify or cure surface treatment agents. This helps improve surface quality and production efficiency.

Infrared heating lamps are widely used in the rubber industry. They can improve production efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and achieve more precise heating control, thereby helping rubber product manufacturers produce high-quality products.