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Infrared heating lamps have many different applications in the plastics industry, including but not limited to:

1. Plastic molding and processing:
Thermoforming: Infrared heating lamps are widely used in thermoforming processes such as blow molding, thermoforming and thermoforming. During these processes, infrared heating lamps quickly and evenly heat the plastic raw material, softening it and filling the mold to create plastic products of the desired shape and size.Plastic molding and processing

Thermal welding: In the production of plastic products, infrared heating lamps can be used for thermal welding, heating two or more plastic parts to the melting point and bonding them together to achieve a strong connection.

2. Plastic film production:
Film blowing:  Infrared heating lamps can be used in the plastic film blowing process to heat plastic particles or sheets to melt and stretch them into a film shape. Infrared heating lamps provide fast, even heating to help ensure film quality and production efficiency.plastic film production

Coating and coating:  In plastic film production, infrared heating lamps can be used to heat paint or coatings to promote their fluidity and drying speed, thereby achieving uniform coating or coating and improving the surface quality and performance of the film.

3. Plastic heat treatment:
Annealing and Heat Treatment: Infrared heating lamps can be used to anneal and heat treat plastic products to improve their performance and stability. By controlling the heating temperature and time, the molecular structure and crystallization degree of the plastic can be adjusted, thereby improving its strength, hardness and heat resistance.

4. Plastic waste recycling:
Scrap melting: In the plastic recycling and regeneration process, infrared heating lamps can be used to heat and melt scrap plastic so that it can be reshaped into new plastic products. This method is more energy-saving and efficient than traditional heating methods, helping to reduce production costs and reduce environmental pollution.

Overall, infrared heating lamps have many different applications in the plastics industry, playing an important role in everything from plastic molding and processing to film production, heat treatment and scrap recycling. Its fast, uniform heating characteristics and energy-saving and efficient advantages make it one of the indispensable heating tools in the plastics industry.