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Can China domestically-produced infrared heating lamps replace foreign imported Infrared Heating Lamps?

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Infrared lamps, also known as infrared heating lamps, are constructed by inserting tungsten or carbon filaments into inflated quartz tubes. When subjected to AC voltage, the filaments heat up and heat the gas inside the quartz tube, thereby generating infrared radiation. Quartz near-infrared and far-infrared lamps use transparent or semi-transparent quartz glass as the lamp tube housing, producing near-infrared or far-infrared radiation spectra.

Application of Infrared Heating Lamps

Infrared Heating tubes can be used for different products by selecting wave spectrum (such as short wave, medium wave, long wave) to improve energy saving effect and production cycle; for rubber, plastic, glass, printed circuit boards, car bodies, metals, castings, leather , food and other materials for efficient heating, drying, evaporation, softening, hardening, shaping, activation, lamination, disinfection, baking and other processing; it can process various powder coatings, water-based coatings, primers, top coatings, etc. Curing of paints and dyes, printing inks, films, glazes, pastes, glues, adhesives, etc.

Advantages of Infrared Heating Lamps

The infrared rays of infrared heating tubes propagate very quickly. Compared with traditional heating methods such as milky white quartz heating tubes, silicon carbide heating tubes, and stainless steel heating tubes, infrared heating methods have concentrated energy density, high thermal efficiency, and directional heating compared with traditional heating sources. It is strong and does not need to heat the entire cavity. It directly radiates heat to the objects that need to be heated. In other words, it is more efficient and energy-saving. It is also simple to install and easy to control the temperature, making it easier to complete the heating and drying process. It is more energy-saving than the traditional heating method. The machine power is also reduced accordingly, reducing the load on the hot furnace when starting up, shortening the hot furnace time (from cold furnace to hot furnace temperature stable state), and easily achieving energy saving and emission reduction goals for the factory. Due to the high power density, factory production is shortened to a certain extent. cycle, improve the production rhythm and reduce the unit cost of the product.

China domestic infrared Heat Lamps replace famous imported brands?

Now that we understand the advantages of infrared heating lamps, how should we choose a suitable infrared heating tube? There are many brands and models of infrared heating lamps to choose from, such as Heraeus, Toshiba, Ushio, Philips and other imported brands as well as domestic brands. Regarding whether to choose imported brands or domestic replacement IR lamps, can domestic infrared heating lamps replace imported heating tubes? Today we will analyze for you what are the advantages of domestic replacement infrared lamps?

  1. Cost-Effective: Compared to imported options, the price of domestically-produced infrared lamps is significantly lower due to lower transportation costs, heavy tariffs, and other factors.
  2. Improved Quality: With the maturation of domestic technology, the quality of domestically-produced infrared heating lamp tubes has greatly improved. They maintain consistent wavelength and often have longer lifespans.
  3. Customization Options: China domestic manufacturers offer non-standard customization options, allowing for tailored solutions based on specific application scenarios. Parameters such as length, power, emission wavelength, and shape can be customized according to requirements.

According to above analyze, it’s definitely sure that China local made infrared heating lamps can replace the imported brands IR lamps.

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