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Medium-Wave Infrared Lamps


Medium-wave infrared heat lamps, also known as MWIR lamps, are widely used in a variety of industrial heating applications and are favored for their efficient heat transfer and versatility.

The wavelength of an infrared emitter has a major influence on the efficiency of a thermal process. The better the emitted wavelength fits the absorption spectrum of the material to be heated, the more efficient the process.

For instance, water absorbs best at about 3000 nm. Therefore, medium-wave and carbon medium wave infrared emitters are optimal to heat water and water-based coatings.

They are available in clear or opaque quartz tube with gold or ceramic reflective coatings that focus the emitted energy onto the substrate.

The following is an introduction to medium wave infrared heat lamps:

How it works: Medium-wave infrared heat lamps emit electromagnetic radiation in the mid-wave infrared spectrum, usually with wavelengths between 2 and 4 microns. When electrically excited, the filaments within the lamp heat and emit infrared radiation, transferring heat directly to the target surface.

Applications: Medium-wave infrared heat lamps are widely used in a variety of industrial processes, including drying, curing, heating and forming plastics, coatings, adhesives and textiles. They are commonly found in the automotive, aerospace, electronics, printing, food processing and other industries.

Efficiency: MWIR lamps are highly energy efficient because they release most of their energy in the form of infrared radiation, which can be precisely illuminated on the target surface. This concentrated heating reduces energy waste and ensures fast heating and processing times.

Versatility: Mid-wave infrared heat lamps are very flexible and can be customized for specific heating needs. They are available in a variety of configurations, including single- and dual-tube designs, with a choice of different filament materials and coatings to optimize performance for specific applications.

Temperature Control: MWIR lamps provide precise temperature control, allowing operators to adjust the intensity of heat output based on desired process parameters. This flexibility allows the heating profile to be fine-tuned for optimal results while minimizing energy consumption.

Long Life and Reliability: With proper maintenance and use, mid-wave infrared heat lamps can provide long service life and reliable performance. They are designed to withstand harsh industrial environments and can operate continuously for long periods of time with little to no downtime.



Safety: MWIR lamps are equipped with protective housing and safety features to prevent accidental contact with hot surfaces and minimize the risk of operator injury. Additionally, they emit virtually no visible light, reducing glare and improving visibility in the work area.

Specification of Medium wave infrared heat lamps

Glass tube 99.9% pure fused silica quartz sealed
Filament material Ni-Cr or Fe-Cr-A1
Filament temperature 800 – 950°C
Response time > 1 min
Peak wavelength wide 2.2-3.5um
Average working life 20000 hours
Cross section 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 18, 20, 23*11, 33*15 mm
Max unit power 25w/cm
Available length 100-6000mm
Operation orientation horizontal only

Below are the different construction type for twin tube medium wave IR heaters.

Overall, mid-wave infrared heat lamps provide efficient, versatile and reliable heating solutions for a variety of industrial applications, contributing to productivity, quality and cost-effectiveness in manufacturing processes.

We can advise the customer choosing the right emitters for the specific application. Furthermore our Technical Department can also design the emitter based on the customer’s specific technical instructions:

  • total length of the emitter
  • length of the heating part
  • filament and ending configuration
  • power
  • voltage