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Introduction of Short-Wave Infrared Heat Lamps

A short-wave infrared heating lamp is an efficient heating device that utilizes short-wave infrared radiation to rapidly heat the surface of objects. The working principle of these lamps involves generating short-wavelength infrared radiation, which can quickly penetrate air and be absorbed directly by the surface of objects, causing them to heat up rapidly.


Here is a detailed introduction to short-wave infrared heating lamps:

      1. Working Principle: Short-wave infrared radiation is a segment in the electromagnetic spectrum with shorter wavelengths, higher energy density, and greater penetration capability. When current passes through the filament of the lamp, it heats up and emits short-wave infrared radiation. This radiation can quickly penetrate air and be absorbed directly by the surface of objects, causing them to heat up rapidly.

      1. Applications: Short-wave infrared heating lamps find widespread applications in industrial, commercial, and medical fields. They are commonly used in heating processes such as plastic molding, glass processing, printing, and paint curing. Additionally, they are utilized in medical equipment for physiotherapy and heating, as well as for specialized purposes such as ensuring animal comfort.

      1. Features and Advantages:


            • Rapid Heating: Short-wave infrared radiation can quickly transfer energy to the surface of objects, achieving rapid heating.

            • High Efficiency: By directly heating the surface of objects, energy waste is reduced, resulting in higher heating efficiency.

            • Precise Control: Short-wave infrared heating lamps can be quickly started and stopped, enabling precise control over the heating process.

            • Versatility: Short-wave infrared heating lamps can adapt to various shapes and sizes of objects, flexibly catering to different heating requirements.

        1. Types and Forms: Short-wave infrared heating lamps come in various types and forms, including lamp tube, lamp plate, and lamp tube with reflector. The choice depends on specific heating needs and application scenarios.

      Short-wave infrared heating lamps, with their fast and efficient heating characteristics, are widely used in various industrial, commercial, and medical fields, providing reliable and efficient solutions for heating processes.